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Reconnect: An Interstitial Playbook Collection

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This collection features four playbooks for use with Interstitial: Our Hearts Entwined, two old designs re-invigorated and two entirely novel designs created for this zine.

From our previous releases, the Shapeshifter has a disguise for every occasion, revelling in their flexibility and social prowess to talk, walk and think like another. Meanwhile, the Rebel brings a devil-may-care attitude to any group, loudly and rudely interrupting what they hate and fighting bravely for what they love.

New to this Zine is the Damsel, a tough, empathetic playbook whose extensive experience with villains and captivity lets them flip the script on their foes and strengthen their saviours. The Nemesis, however, is absolutely obsessed with their White Whale, a quarry they've dedicated their life to hunting down no matter who they end up hurting.

These playbooks are designed to help you tell stories about reinventing yourself, obsession, and defying expectations. Everyone has the capacity for change, learning and improvement, from the most callous heartbreaker to the foulest villain. Bring these playbooks into your group to help you mechanically play these stories out, and, as ever, let your heart be your guiding key.

This zine was designed and released to celebrate 20 years of Kingdom Hearts.
Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined is by Linksmith Games.
Images from under CC BY 3.0.

Includes a digital copy.