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Skirmish: Wallet Friendly Wargaming

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Skirmish is a tactical wargame depicting combat encounters between two small armies, battling either for objectives or for annihilation. Unlike similar wargames, however, Skirmish does not use miniatures or measurements, and is played entirely with dice and an eight-by-eight square grid. The aim is a wargame with a low barrier to entry that’s accessible on a tight budget, with simple base rules but plenty of space to build on.

The Skirmish core rulebook features the Tamerlane Wars. Taking place on war-torn Tourlian, the industrialised war machine of the Mordaunt Empire clashes endlessly with the loosely aligned states of the Ventrasse Alliance. Though the endless Tamerlane Wars have now become the norm for the people of Tourlian, very few know that the war itself is the result of an coup d'état by the Mordaunt prince-regent Beauregard - a means to both consolidate his power and stamp out the sorcerous traditions of Witch-Queen Ventrasse.

Skirmish: Wallet Friendly Wargaming features:

  • 20 armies to get right into combat with, ranging from assassins and cavalry to steampunk mechs and priests of unreality
  • Optional rules for objective play
  • Guidelines to create your own armies and worlds
  • Art by Alyssa Krasnansky


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